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Detection and quantification of wave trends in the Mediterranean basin2024Aristodemo Francesco; Lira Loarca Andrea; Besio Giovanni; Caloiero TommasoDYNAMICS OF ATMOSPHERES AND OCEANS
On the role of wave climate temporal variability in bias correction of GCM-RCM wave simulations2023Lira Loarca A.; Berg P.; Baquerizo A.; Besio G.CLIMATE DYNAMICS
Increasing the skill of short-term wind speed ensemble forecasts combining forecasts and observations via a new dynamic calibration2022Casciaro G.; Ferrari F.; Lagomarsino Oneto D.; Lira Loarca A.; Mazzino A.ENERGY
Wave modeling with unstructured mesh for hindcast, forecast and wave hazard applications in the Mediterranean Sea2022Lira-Loarca A.; Caceres-Euse A.; De-Leo F.; Besio G.APPLIED OCEAN RESEARCH
Use of expert elicitation to assign weights to climate and hydrological models in climate impact studies2022Sebok E.; Henriksen H. Jo.; Pasten-Zapata E.; Berg P.; Thirel G.; Lemoine A.; Lira Loarca A.; Photiadou C.; Pimentel R.; Royer-Gaspard P.; Kjellstrom E.; Christensen , et al.HYDROLOGY AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES
MarineTools.temporal: A Python package to simulate Earth and environmental time series2022Cobos M.; Otinar P.; Magana P.; Lira Loarca A.; Baquerizo A.ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE
Future changes and seasonal variability of the directional wave spectra in the Mediterranean Sea for the 21st century2022Lira Loarca A.; Besio G.ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS
Projected wave climate temporal variability due to climate change2021Lira Loarca; Cobos M.; Besio G.; Baquerizo A.STOCHASTIC ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND RISK ASSESSMENT
Future wind and wave energy resources and exploitability in the Mediterranean Sea by 21002021Lira-Loarca A.; Ferrari F.; Mazzino A.; Besio G.APPLIED ENERGY
Performance evaluation of bias adjustment methods for wave climate projections in the Mediterranean Sea2021LIRA LOARCA ANDREA MARGARITA; Besio GiovanniENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS
Towards sustainable sediment management strategies in Mediterranean reservoirs: Insights from the Guadalfeo semiarid river basin2020Bermúdez M.; Millares A.; Lira Loarca A.; Baquerizo A.River Flow 2020
Best practises and lessons learnt from AQUACLEW2020Photiadou Christiana; Little Lorna; Berg Peter; Pimentel Rafael; Jose Polo Maria; Sonnenborg Torben; Pasten-Zapata Ernesto; Andréassian Vazken; Lückenkötter Johaness; Kruse Philip; Leidinger David; Huber , et al.EGU 2021
Integrated extreme sea level events in the Mediterranean coast of Spain2020LIRA LOARCA ANDREA MARGARITA; Cobos Manuel; Millares Agustín; Besio Giovanni; Baquerizo AsunciónEGU 2020
Storm characterization and simulation for damage evolution models of maritime structures2020Lira Loarca A.; Cobos M.; Losada M. A.; Baquerizo A.COASTAL ENGINEERING
Assessing the role of a priori user knowledge in climate services perception: An experiment with university students across Europe2020Rafael Pimentel; Mar('(i))a Jos('(e)) Polo ; Mar('(i))a Jos('(e)) P('(e))rez-Palaz('(o))n ; Stefan Achleitner; Manuel D('(i))ez-Minguito; Andreas Huber; Philip Kruse; Andrea Lira; Johannes Lãckenkãtter; Maria-Helena RamosEGU 2021
Approaching Software Engineering for Marine Sciences: A Single Development Process for Multiple End-User Applications2020Magana Pedro; Del-Rosal-Salido Juan; Cobos Manuel; LIRA LOARCA ANDREA MARGARITA; Ortega Sánchez MiguelJOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING
Expert elicitation as tool for climate and hydrological model uncertainty reduction2020Hans Jørgen Henriksen ; Ernesto Pasten-Zapata; Peter Berg; Rafael Pimentel; Guillaume Thirel; Andrea Lira-Loarca; Christiana PhotiadouEGU
Interaction of swell and sea waves with partially reflective structures for possible engineering applications2019Lira Loarca A.; Baquerizo A.; Longo S.JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING
Storm Characterization Using a BME Approach2019Manuel Cobos; Andrea Lira-Loarca; George Christakos; Asunci('(o))n BaquerizoTHEORY AND APPLICATIONS OF TIME SERIES ANALYSIS THEORY AND APPLICATIONS OF TIME SERIES ANALYSIS
An analytical model for oblique wave interaction with a partially reflective harbor structure2019Jalón M. L.; Lira Loarca A.; Baqueriz o A.; Losada M. A.COASTAL ENGINEERING
The Reynolds wave shear stress in partially reflected waves2018Addona F.; Lira Loarca A.; Chiapponi L.; Losada M. A.; Longo S.COASTAL ENGINEERING
A multivariate statistical model to simulate storm evolution2018Lira Loarca A.; Cobos M.; Baquerizo A.; Losada M. A.36th International Conference on Coastal Engineering, ICCE 2018
A methodology for the long-term simulation and uncertainty analysis of the operational lifetime performance of wave energy converter arrays2018López Ruiz A.; Bergillos R.; Lira Loarca A.; Ortega-Sanchez M.ENERGY
A public, open Western Europe database of shoreline undulations based on imagery2014Magaña P.; López-Ruiz A.; Lira Loarca A.; Ortega-Sánchez M.; Losada M. A.APPLIED GEOGRAPHY